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Welcome to the philosophical realm of Ruman NEupane, where ideas dance and thoughts unfold. He explores the depths of human existence and the intricacies of the mind through the art of philosophy.
Ruman NEupane was born in August 7th in Bhaktapur. He embarked on a lifelong journey of intellectual exploration and self-discovery, fueled by a passion for understanding the fundamental questions that shape our existence.

At the core of Rumnn NEupane's work lies a dedication to exploring the concept of outsiders’ and existential investigation. Whether diving into the essence of consciousness, examining the ethical aspects of human behavior, or pondering the enigmas of existence, Ruman NEupane approaches each exploration with a combination of analytical precision and a genuine curiosity for the existential.

Ruman Neupane has contributed to the field of writing through his few works. Some of his notable publications include:

1. Mimosa

A story collection, first published in 2016. Original Language: Nepali.

2. Anugami

Fiction, first published in 2019. Original Language: Nepali.

3. Who Will Bury The Dead God

Philosophical fiction, Estimated publication February 2, 2024. Original Language: English.

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For media inquiries, speaking engagements, or other collaborations, please contact Ruman NEupane through neupaneru@hotmail.com

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