Who Will Bury The Dead God? 
  Publisher: Austin MaCauley
  Year: 2024, February 2.

About the book:

   Imagine a man straddling both sides of good and evil, struggling to regain his balance. He clutches onto both aspects with his bewildered mind, pondering his own senses. As he stands there, his mind races with questions. What is the meaning of his existence? Why has he been placed in this moment, at this time, with these thoughts and feelings? Is there a purpose to his life, or is it all just a random series of events?

'I know God smells terribly bad, and I'm ready to bury him deep in the ground. But is this really the right thing to do? Is there a better solution? Should I try to make the smell more bearable, or is this the only course of action? I'm torn between doing what's best for God and the reality of the situation,' he thinks.

Has he fallen into the river of dilemma and been washed away from his suffering? Will this man unravel the mystery of his existence, or will he be swallowed up by the abyss of his own mind?

Where will you find the book? 

1. Austin Macauley Publishers Website 
2. Amazon (Worldwide) 
3. The Book Depository (Worldwide) 
4. Barnes & Noble (USA) 
5. Dymocks (AU) 
6. Wheelers (NZ) 
7. Foyles (UK) 
8. Waterstones (UK) 
9. WH Smith (UK) ……… and many more.

Who Will Bury The Dead God