Photo by David Yu from Pexels

I stand without help,

In this extensive and void world,

My bottoms planted resolutely on the soil,

But my mind lost in thought.

I question my purpose,

My place in this existence,

As the winds of time blow past me,

Leaving me feeling small and insignificant.

I search for meaning,

In the depths of my soul,

But all I find is a void,

A void that fills me with fear and uncertainty.

I am but a mere speck,

In the grand scheme of things,

A fleeting moment in the eternal flow of time,

But still, I must find my way,

For I am alive,

And that alone is reason enough,

To keep searching,

To keep fighting,

For a place in this world,

A reason for being.

So, I stand tall,

And face the unknown,

With valor and fortitude,

For I am not alone,

In this journey of life,

We are all just wandering souls,

In search of our sense