I remember,

The lights were travelling through 

And through bamboo, 

Ah! Leaving sun-streaks on your face. 

“I could be perverted,” I said. 

You were silent like those bamboos. 

Standing and being silent 

Got the permission to slide into your heart 


I didn’t know 

My perverseness was different from yours. 


Came and gone 

Like, scudded clouds, far into the sky. 

Leaving beautiful, 

Trails of memories. 

Like in the stories 

Parted with incomplete 



Would you come to sit with me, 

Under the lilac. 

Under bamboos! 

If I may insist, darling. 

Do you remember? 

How we were parenthetically close 

To one another, 

We used to be quiet for a good minute 

And during those implacable moments 

I think of, and pray 

Let this tranquility last forever. 

Love of Verbal fencing 

Fear of throes 

But we didn't die that day.

Photo by Vanessa Garcia : pexels