Afar, we are

Yet we resonate,

You are the golden droplets

Whom I prefer to hold back onto my soul.

I feel a deep connection

There, in our bones

Aren’t we from the same stardust, Grace?

Happenstances are the Gods,

Validates our heart—connect to each other.

Expansion of wont

Deepens day after day

I hear, on your pinnacle of desire,

Dotting futures

Of ours —

Holding your hands

Opting for companionship

Looking at your heart

Feeling the heat of unknown sensation.

You can’t hide Grace—Or even I can’t

I can see the stars


& Near

Crossed our destiny.

Waved our dreams and desires

I often, in my dreams

Stands on the bank of many rivers

Seeing them bending edges

Lust of waves

And collects, Memories of the past.

Do I have memories, Grace?

I have been hiding under the great stars,

Wouldn’t I dream?

To blend with the stars and glow,

hitherto like never shone,

Like never gleamed before

Of course, I do aspire.

Along with you, dear.

Aren’t those the dreams, desire or—reminiscences?

Down we went like snow,

Rolling to the edges of

Romantic yearning.

Alas! We can walk under the moon

Holding each other’s hand on hand.

like artist's clad

I long to craft you,

as a symbol of—Almond Blossom.

Often, I dream

You are lying down before me

like an ode.

With a garment of

Inextinguishable passion —

Above the rhymes


the sounds of the claps

Of two hearts.

Ah! Grace! Keep it closer.

Keep it kindled inside your eyes.