I must penance, Grace

To determine, the desperation, for solace

And admiration to get you

Irises got me trapped

Inside their peduncle

Wouldn’t be a revelation!

How I feel for you, how I imagine you

Profusion of utmost freedom’

I see inside you, prolonged bliss

In Deep-Dream

I reach out to you as formless

Wake you not, Grace

I want to see you sleeping

Dressed up with my memories!

With myriads of Echoes,

'Yeah', 'Right' Or—




You are!

The rarest Iconic blend of many marvels.

As an innkeeper, hide their, scented oil

Inside their inn-rooms

Beneath Egyptian-cotton-linen

To arouse their guest, their soul—their members

You are just like the musk-metaphor

Of thine imagination

Flourishes beneath my heart

Like the Thames flows underneath the London bridge

Its 3:40 am,

I, wanderer of much incapability

Dishonesty, hyper-hidden solemnity

Kisses your forehead,

Catches your fingers as an infant catches her mothers’

I see you, ever first.

With my affection-tinted eyes

Grace, you are the reason I am burning so high, so up,

Like everlasting- incendiary. 

Hug me and let me live with you to eternal-desire.

Your warmth, the smell of your youth,

your eyes full of surprises; it's you.

I feel you as a poetic-genius

Let go off to the Café Terrace at Night

And watch the silhouette of the stary sky.

Don’t you hold my hand, grace?

Passersby watching us, and they cried

“How wonderful she is”

Let me nuzzle your deepest sensibility

And touches your feet.

However, How I forgive myself

I am the beast—tied up in rock to lacerate

By the other beast—

Vultures—tearing my body

I must leave now

With empty spirit once again!





Standing on your balcony

I venerate my space far from your side—emptied

Summer breezes try’ to push me in, Grace,

I hesitate—thought for an hours

And another hour

and went in—tried to set my fright free

your eyes are glowing

Didn’t you hear what I just say

‘Where were you, Grace!’

I wept, full of tearful eyes

I painted my inspiration

like Saint-Rémy-de-Provence had inspired one.

And brushed,

Fear, reluctance, passion, and anchorman all at once.

You look me into my soul,

Penetrate deepest-down

Alas! There you are,

You hold my quivering thoughts

I realized I am shaking terribly Grcae

My knees are displaced.

My heart overwhelmed with joy with your—

Magnificent words

Thus, you spoke


And it goes all silent! Like Rhone’s bank at night.

To abyss—