I am no dynamite. I have no plan to explode myself in any near future, But Nietzsche had a plan. In his book Ecche Homo, he vigorously claimed that he is dynamite and that’s true. He was of course dynamite. I find his expression very condescending. 


Foucault examined the relationship between truth and power, Derrida gave us the controversial method of understanding the world (truth) Heidegger believes that we construct our truth from within and ignore the single truth. Nietzsche was one of the German philosophers who advocates the ‘yes’ saying to live, which means we do have a different understanding of our own. He questions religion and old morality to ignore the doctrine of the afterlife.

Among many philosophers, Derrida gave us confusing philosophical ideas of the deconstruction method to reach the ‘world knowing’ deconstruction method question to religion and literature ignoring the one universal logic to define our reality. 

One major fact of post-modernist is that they mend us to debates and questions of individual expression. Nietzsche was the true and first post-modernist who denied the existence of truths outside of this world. Nietzsche attentively and repetitively focuses on art, freedom, life and will to power. One highlighted view of Nietzschean thought is that he doesn’t believe in ‘reason’ to understand life. It means he solely ignored the ideas of a ‘rational way’ to affirm individual living beings. Two manifestations in living beings make them apart from one another. One is a destructive manifestation, the other one is a creative manifestation and the will to power seems the driving force for their respective manifestation. Revaluation of values serves humanity well. According to Nietzsche, myths and values must serve the pragmatic function of society and the life of an individual. When they don’t serve any more pragmatic function in life, we must reevaluate the values. I always appreciate this concept of revaluations. Religion and culture have been shaping our human generation since the dawn of humanity. Culture gave us the meaning of life. Humans have shared the ‘world-view’ and ‘value system’ from which we can infer that our world is just the merry ideas of many myths. I am out of wine…