Photo by Marcelo Jaboo: pexels

Every time when I take a peaceful amble into my room full of books, one book would be able to capture my attention. It was published in 1923, written by Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet. It is the best-known creation by the author so far. Once he was asked how he came to write it? 'Did I write it?' he replied. 'it wrote me'.

 I have scads collection of classic literature, among them, The Prophet is giving out a bright light. What has it hidden inside that lured me to read for the umpteenth time? The answer is simple, the book has enveloped tons of philosophical kinds of kinds of stuff. This masterpiece has been translated into more than twenty languages and sold a million copies. And the book alone is spreading good fragments into my reading room for a long time.


This book has several topics of human life- birth, death, marriage, love, children, work, giving, eating, and drinking, joy and sorrow etc. Somewhat we can call it a spiritual poetic essay. It has the power to penetrate your soul deep inside. The book starts with Almustafa, the chosen and the beloved, who had waited twelve years for his ship to come back to take him to his birthplace.

It was published in 1923 but still, relevant to our lives and has a sheer beauty in every page. Almustafa speaks to the people of Orphalese, about every day's topic of life and gives them hope. Each time when I sit on my favorite couch to read this blissful piece, it gives me goosebumps.


On the introduction page of the 2002 edition of penguin classic, it says, "...Gibran was later to claim that he first dreamt of the book when he was a child in Lebanon. Later he was to say that he kept the finished manuscript for four years before delivering it to the publisher, because 'I wanted to be very sure that every word of it was the very best I had to offer.' He said"

I recommend this book to everyone.