If you are worried about your trove, let them be open— if you feel more private (in fact private and silence is very different) then you will suffocate more— mind makes tintinnabulation to remind your pervasiveness; be comprehensive to rest of the humanity with your non-verbal. Sometimes trying to be silent makes the melody


Profanity is not the antonyms of decency- and it is not a curse, either; embrace all of its attachment.


When I see the people without stupefaction I scream with no pleasure.


Such a thing as a sublunary heaven or purity in human mind is undelinitable so let it be revolt of your self-conscious.


Recognising failure leads to cognitive decay, but at the end of the day, odd even favors you.


Heaven is valgur; and hell is not tragic...


Spoil your head and ooze to death-- every end is not irreparable.