Eyes all tell the beauty

Of beauteous being,

Your hand,

Your fingers,

How they tell the silence

How did they tell the truth

Of wanted roar of heart.

Can you not hear your tapping feet of yours

Can you not hear your fingers tap

They tapped each time

To provoke fondness

Inside each veins of your body

Alas, every silent breaks with warm touch

Touch of your eyes,

How can you missed the aroma of the heart

You are the creation’s finest being

Crafted with thousand blessed petals!


You can hear yourself

Singing inside your head

Lofty singer,

Fluttering every leaves,

I can see, see them, your fingers—

How did they sing the story of the creation

At times,

And tells

‘somewhere between emotional and emotionless’

I felt

You were the golden embryo of that evening.

[post script:]

And it's true, I


‘somewhere between emotional and emotionless’

It is true.

And I am done with ‘true’.